she walks in starlight


So a boyband walked onto the Britain’s Got Talent stage and everyone thought they were going to sing One Direction or something typical…and then they sung Stars from Les Miserables.

This is the best thing ever. Just listen to those harmonies <3


It occurred to Dr Lecter in the moment that with all his knowledge and intrusion, he could never entirely predict her, or own her at all. He could feed the caterpillar, he could whisper through the chrysalis; what hatched out followed its own nature and was beyond him.

Hannibal, Thomas Harris


2x08 / 1x11





This scene was actually when I went from feeling more or less neutral on Joan to actively disliking her.

Because wow, that was patronizing.

I loved that scene in Elementary.

1) Firstly, because it immediately deconstructs the “hero throws and breaks something in frustration” cliche (Sherlock throwing a glass slide in HoB, anyone?) it might even be seen as a parody of that cliche.

2) Secondly, because the dynamic is different between a man and a woman than it would be between two women or two men, the visual of a man smashing something in a temper in front of a woman can be taken as threatening or borderline abusive. Joan Watson immediately shows that she is not intimidated by Holmes’ behavior.

3) Lastly? One of the running themes of Elementary is the deconstruction of Sherlock Holmes as the solitary, antisocial genius, and his becoming a member of a community. Holmes’ gifts are given their due respect, but no one in Elementary plays the game of Because Sherlock Holmes is a Bloody Genius He Can Do Whatever He Wants So There. When Sherlock goes after Moriarty (“M”), Captain Gregson suspends him. When Sherlock doesn’t want to talk about his addiction, Alfredo says “You’ve got to get over yourself.” And when Sherlock behaves like a spoiled child, Joan tells him “Use your words.”

You see Joan patronizing Sherlock. I see a member of Sherlock’s community teaching him how to behave like an adult member of that community.

Additionally, Watson’s done good work for a number of years as a sober companion, not a manchild enabler. It’s quite literally her job to deconstruct people’s shitty self-defeating habits and demonstrate that there are better ways to live your life. She’s not in the business of humoring anyone or playing along with their tantrums, she’s in the business of fixing them. And what she does works! It gets spelled out explicitely in the text of the show: Sherlock himself admits that what’s changed about him, for the better, is her. 

"You’ve gotta get out of here."

"And you’ve gotta be kidding me."

Richard Armitage at Wondercon, 2014

Richard Armitage at Wondercon, 2014

hp memeeight quotes [3/8] » ‘Killing is not so easy as the innocent believe.’



“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”

I could stare at this until I die.



“I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free.”


I could stare at this until I die.


an au where every one is happy and Thorin and Bilbo are ruling Erebor + they have little Frodo but Thorin is still devastated about the Dragon sickness and to this day the only adornment he will allow himself to wear is a little bracelet that Frodo made for him out of some beads and string and kill me nOW


Track Title: Dancing On a Cloud (Demo)

Artist: Demo Artist - Cinderella

Album: Cinderella (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Special Edition]


"Dancing on a Cloud" (Demo) from Cinderella

A beautiful deleted duet for Cinderella and Prince Charming.