I look better in the dark
and I look better dirty

Juli I was trying to send you this ask but Tumblr hates me, so here:

Continuing off that post you reblogged about bringing in another Hale that was just like Derek:

What if they brought in another Hale (let’s call him Chuck), and they were a sassy gay guy. Like, can you imagine.Chuck is checking Stiles out and says, “Oh I might have to go for that.” And Derek gets all possessive and like “Dont you fucking dare” and Chuck is all, “Well you havent claimed him. He doesnt have your scent. So I’m going for it.” And so Derek would have to try and make sure Stiles is always near him so Chuck couldnt have him. And poor Stiles wouldn’t quite get what was going on, he’d just notice that Derek is lingering around him.